First, make sure you find the right real estate agency, preferably one that is close to your property and knows the area and neighborhood in which it is located. This will allow you to get an estimate that is as close as possible to the local real estate market.

Note also that an agency that has been established for several years in the area will have a better knowledge of the surroundings, their inhabitants and therefore a better address book to help you sell better. An experienced agency will be able to give you a quality estimate.

Your agent, in addition to the classic criteria such as the interior and exterior surface area, will take into account the location, the environment, the general condition and the charm of your property.

Diagnostics are essential for the sale of your property and will allow for a more accurate estimate. If they are required, your agent will be at your disposal to assist you in these steps.

Based on the estimate, you can then determine a selling price.
You will then sign a sale mandate with the agency stipulating that you authorize them to sell your property and that they will take a percentage of the sale price (between 5 and 6%).

Your real estate agent will then make photos, videos and virtual visit as well as a description which will be able to emphasize your real estate. On your side, you will have to make sure that your house is ready to receive the customers for the visits, i.e. tidy, clean and welcoming. Then leave it to the agency during the visits. 

The different steps :

1- Find the right agency.

2- Have the mandatory diagnostics done

3- Estimate of the property

4- Signature of the sale mandate

5- Services of the real estate agency